Article (1) Name and Purpose:


1.     To promote and govern the Lancaster Centennial Hockey League players in the greater Saint John area.


2.     To provide an opportunity for as many men as possible from this area to play competitive contact hockey.


3.     To provide a league whose basic aims are to promote sportsmanship and competitive hockey.



Article (2) Membership


1.     Membership is open to coaches and managers who do not necessarily have to be playing members.



Article (3) Executive


1.     The league shall be governed by a body consisting of one member from each team (coach, manager or alternate appointed by the team at the first meeting of each season).


This body shall be known as the executive committee who will appoint a president at the annual meeting.


This body may also appoint a secretary and treasurer if necessary who shall have no vote if not a member of the executive committee.

        Each team shall be permitted only one vote.

        The president may vote only to break a tie.



2.     The executive term of office shall be until the first general meeting of the current season.


3.     The executive committee shall set policy for the league, adjustments and interpret the constitution whenever necessary.



4.     The executive duties shall include:

        Handling league money that will be received or disbursements.


        Deal with referees and off ice officials.


        Dealing with rink officials/ice time etc.


        Individuals, teams and players.


        Oversee the entry drafts, player trading and registration processes.


        Prepare regular season and playoffs schedule.


        Grant teams permission to attend meetings if they so request a hearing, this request to be submitted in writing.


        Keep minutes of league meetings.


        Shall meet as often as necessary.



Article (4) League Rules


1.      A game shall consist of a five (5) minute pre game warm-up period, three twelve (12) minute stop time periods with a five (5) minute break between the second and third period.


If the score is five (5) or more difference the clock will run at straight time for the final five (5) minutes of the third period. Each game time will have a deadline of one hour and twenty minutes.


In the event of a two or more teams being involved in a tie at the end of the regular season play, the team with the most wins shall be declared the winner.


If this still leaves a tie, it will be decided by the team with the best head to head record in regular season competition.


The next tie breaker is goals for and against head to head.


Finally if the teams are still tied a sudden death game must be played to determine the winner.



2.      The Lancaster Centennial Hockey League shall adopt rules and regulations laid down by the C.A.H.A. and Hockey New Brunswick for the current season.


  Article (5) Playoffs:


1.      Playoffs shall consist of best of three quarter final series, best of seven semi final series and a best of seven league championship series. If the teams are tied at the end of regulation there will be a five minute sudden death period, followed by a three player shootout until a winner is determined.


No elimination game in the Championship Finals shall be determined by a shoot out. Teams will play extra time to determine winner if time is available.


As long as reasonable time permits a second scheduled game shall be played.



2.     Quarter final series, semi final series and Championship Finals playoff series will be determined by the executive committee at the first organizational meeting of each new season.



3.      Only the top six teams at the end of the regular season schedule will advance to the playoffs.

 The first place team and second place team shall receive first round byes.


The sixth place team shall play the third place team and the fifth place team shall play the fourth place team in a best of three quarterfinal series.


The winners of the league quarter final series shall meet the first place team and the second place team in a best of seven semi final series and the winners will advance to a best of seven league Championship Finals series.


4. All teams in the playoffs must have two active goaltenders on the roster. Teams must have a secondary goaltender available for all playoff games.                                                      


Article (6) Players:


1.    A player who registers with the league (LCHL) shall not be permitted to play in a senior or junior league after five game tryout.


The penalty for this infraction shall be forfeiture of five (5) points in the league standings.


Any player caught violating the above section shall be suspended indefinitely.


Players are permitted to play in local recreation leagues ie: Fish & Brew, Grand Bay, Metro Gents etc, if they choose.


        Definition of an organized league: any league in which NBOHA officials are used including Mike Hachey officials


        In the event of an all star game, all players including goaltenders will be from the LCHL.


2.      No team shall be permitted to pick up or add players (For sick, moved,   

injured or transferred players) unless the players are taken from a reserved draft list with the consent of the executive.



3.      If any team loses a player for any reason other than the above reasons, they shall be allowed to pick a player from the reserve draft list with executive consent.



4.      Any player(s) receiving match penalties shall be automatically suspended for three games.


League discipline committee will hand down any decision within seventy two (72) hours. Included into the playoffs.



5.      Any player, manager or coach who hits, pushes, molests or handles an official or fan during or after a game will be automatically suspended.


League discipline committee will hand down decision within seventy two (72) hours. Included into the playoffs.



6.      Any player who deliberately attempts to injure another player or official will be automatically be suspended.


League discipline committee will hand down decision within seventy two (72) hours. Included into the playoffs.



7.      Any player receiving three 5 minute majors for fighting during each half of the regular season shall be suspended for three (3) games.


After returning to action after the suspension and receiving a fourth major for fighting he will be ordered to appear before the discipline committee for a further ruling within seventy two (72) hours.



        If a five minute major for fighting is received in the 1st,2nd or 3rd period the player is dismissed for that game only.



8.      Any player receiving a gross misconduct penalty shall be suspended for two (2) games. This suspension will double for any subsequent gross misconduct penalties.


Article (7) Entry Drafts:


1.      All new players excluding goaltenders coming into the league must enter the annual entry drafts. (Preseason and Midseason)


2.      A player in order to play in the league must be selected from the draft list (exclusive of goaltenders).


If any player is not selected in the annual draft he will be placed on a reserve draft list and could be picked later in the season as a replacement with executive committee consent.



3.      If a player is selected by a team he is the property of that team for that season and subsequent seasons as long as they play at least one game during a season.


4.      Any player not having played eight (8) games in a season will be placed in the draft the following season ****Unless injured****


5.      If a player is not protected at the start of the season and advises that team or league he does not wish to play he will not be permitted under any circumstances to participate unless he enters the annual draft or is on the reserve draft list.



6.      No manager, coach or team should protect a player  (if such player does not want to play for that team) just to prevent him from playing but should instead try to negotiate a trade with one of the other teams in the league. Refer to article 1 & 2 for valid reason.



7.      The player draft system had been adopted (see article 7,section 2 and will give teams in the reverse order in which they finished the previous season first choice in the draft. It is from the player draft system that this should be used to try and balance the teams.


8. Each team will be permitted one free agent acquisition per season without subject to entry draft process.

This player selection must be registered with the league administrator no later than three days before the agreed date for the preseason entry draft.


The declared free agent shall be the sole property of the acquiring team for the entire season and cannot be traded or released without cause.


This provision will be reviewed at the end of each season to determine the league wishes for next season.



          Article (8) Teams:


1.      Each team will draft players in reverse order of finish until each team reaches a maximum of eighteen (18) skaters and two (2) goaltenders. If there are players left in the draft after each team fills its roster, teams may draft these players in reverse order of finish.




2.    If a team is unable to dress one of their regular goaltenders, they may borrow a goaltender from another team without the consent of the coach, manager or representative of the other team in order to play the game. (Maximum of three games per goaltender per team per season.)


3.    Each team will be allowed this extra goaltender for ten (10) games only through the regular season. If a team is unable to dress one of their regular goaltenders for a playoff game, that team must go within the league to find a replacement.


If that fails that team must find a goaltender of equal value from another industrial or gentleman’s league.



 3.      All teams must make certain that all their players should be wearing the same basic colors of sweaters.


If a team color is red, all players should be wearing a red sweater as the main color.


Failure to do this will prevent a player from playing that game or any other until a suitable colored sweater is obtained for this player.



4.      In the event of two teams having sweaters of the same basic color, the HOME team must change sweaters. (When possible)




         Article (9) Officials:


1.      If an official who has been officiating the league wishes to return to the league, he may do so providing he meets requirements of Article 2 Sections 1 and 4, also Article 7 Sections 1 and 2, make his intentions known and return to the league on or before the first game of the playing season. He may not play and officiate in the same season.



2.      It is the duty of all on ice officials to submit game reports when deemed necessary to any member of the league executive immediately after the game when any definable controversy occurs.


 Article (10) Expansion Criteria and Requirements


1. Any new teams wishing to play in the Lancaster Centennial Hockey League shall make their intentions known in writing ASAP to the current president of the Lancaster Centennial Hockey League who will collect any serious submissions and convene a meeting of the existing team representatives and the executive committee.


 The committee will consider the applications which would include your roster of eight skaters and one goaltender plus a free agent who is not subject to the entry draft process.


Your team does not get a draft choice in the first round of the entry draft process and your team will draft in the last slot in the second round.


Team cost to play in the Lancaster Centennial Hockey League (ice time, three on ice officials plus a scorekeeper, league insurance and an administrator is divided equally among the number of teams competing......Between $6150 to $ 6500 based on a $48,000 budget for a 28-30 game schedule and playoffs.


           Article (11) Miscellaneous


1.      L.C.H.L. or league shall mean Lancaster Centennial Hockey League


2.      Team as referred to in this constitution shall mean an organized team in the league.


3.      Representatives as referred to in this constitution shall mean coach, manager, or team representative.


4.      Player trade – The release of a player to another team in trade written from and signed by a coach, manager or team representative.


5.      A registration fee will be paid by all players (old or new) prior to the start of the league schedule. Fee to be set by the league executive.


6.      All players must be eighteen (18) years of age by the first game of the regular season schedule.


7.      The constitution may be revised or changed at any time throughout the year on a majority vote of the league executive, but must be ratified at the next general meeting.


8.      Players must be registered prior to the annual draft. ( Fill out league registration form & skate in mandatory session)


9.      Each team must submit a list of active players prior to the Christmas draft.


On that list must be marked which players have or have not paid.


10. It was unanimous by the executive that if any team shows up with less than eight (8) players and a goaltender and the goal spread goes over seven (7), that game will be called and the points awarded to the opposing team.



11. If a player does not have his first half money by the draft, him or his team must pay before the teams first game after the draft.


12. A player must play a minimum of eight (8) regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. Four (4) regular season games for players entering in the midseason entry draft.


13. Disclaimer – The LCHL will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during or immediately after league sanctioned games.


14. One (1) thirty (30) second time out per time per game will be allowed under stop time only.


15. Any team found dropping players without first gaining permission from the league executive shall be penalized by the league disciplinary committee. (Loss of draft picks, loss of points, etc)



16. There shall be no request for stick measurements or face masks. (forwards, defencemen and or goaltenders) will be allowed


17. Any player caught drinking on game night will be handed a one (1) game suspension.


18. Any player who has a chance to play in a higher caliber league than the LCHL shall be granted a five (5) game tryout, then shall be compelled to make a decision as to where he will play.



19. Goaltenders in the playoffs shall play for one team only, in each playoff series. Exceptions for emergencies.


20. Any team that threatens the LCHL by means of pulling their team out of the league will be automatically suspended from the league. (Effective immediately)


             21. No player or coach shall enter the referees room under any circumstances following a dispute of any kind, during or after a game.


If a player or coach does enter the referees room it will result in a suspension to be determined by the Disciplinary Committee.